These lists are completely subjective and the focus is more on my enjoyment than filmmaking quality. Honorable Mentions are films that I like but aren’t at that favorite level. I’ve also included a list of films that I would like to see from this year. So with that all said, here’s a quick glance at my favorite and least favorite films of 1992. This is by no means definitive.


draculaBram Stoker’s Dracula

Hard Boiled
Braindead AKA Dead Alive
Under Siege
Police Story 3: Super Cop
Once Upon a Time in China II
Full Contact
New Dragon Gate Inn
Swordsman II
The Wicked City
El Mariachi
Wayne’s World
The Lawnmower Man
White Men Can’t Jump
Alien 3
(It’s a nostalgia thing.)
Encino Man
Captain Ron
A Few Good Men

Honorable Mentions:

The Player

Medicine Man
Memoirs of an Invisible Man
The Power of One
A League of Their Own
Universal Soldier
Stay Tuned
The Last of the Mohicans
Reservoir Dogs


Batman Returns (Take that Batman!)
Bad Channels

1992 Movies I still plan to see that might be good:

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
Split Second
Porco Rosso
Pushing Hands
Rapid Fire
Pet Sematary Two
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
Innocent Blood
Malcolm X
Bad Lieutenant
The Distinguished Gentleman
Godzilla vs. Mothra
Husbands and Wives
Justice, My Foot!
Talking Head
Casino Tycoon
A Kid from Tibet
Royal Tramp
Tetsuo II: Body Hammer

Last edit: 01/31/15

Think I got it wrong? Wondering why a certain favorite film isn’t on the list? Drop a comment below!