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Arrow Films Shawscope Volume 2 Available for Pre-Order!

Arrow Films are bringing more Shaw Brothers films to the US (& UK) on Blu-ray this November! The first set was a beautiful monster, and this one should be just as fantastic!

The films included are:

What a lineup! Can’t wait to see those new scans, especially of The Boxer’s Omen! Like the first set, there’s 2 CDs of soundtrack music from the films, too. This is definitely a must-have release for Shaw Studio fans.

Miraculously, I was quoted in the book for the first Shawscope volume, but, as you can see above, my chances are slim this time as I’ve only reviewed two of the included films. Don’t let that stop you from pre-ordering this beast! I wholeheartedly recommend ordering from, but I’ve also included the Amazon link above for convenience.

The set is limited (number not announced), and pre-orders are live! Get it at Amazon, Diabolik DVD, or your retailer of choice!

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