The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 154 – It Came From Beneath the Sea

This week on the Silver Emulsion Podcast, Stephen and I talk about the 1955 sci-fi film, It Came From Beneath the Sea, directed by Robert Gordon and with stop-motion FX by Ray Harryhausen! Stretch all eight of your arms and enjoy! 🙂

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Music Notes


  • Kamasi Washington – Street Fighter Mas


  • Kamasi Washington – Street Fighter Mas

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1 comment to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 154 – It Came From Beneath the Sea

  • Evan Parra

    Good day to you Silver Emulsion! First of all, god bless your heart for answering that question about anime titles! I shit you not, that question has been in the back of my mind ever since high school. Technically over half my life had this question lingering amongst wasted brain matter. But not only did you answer it, you gave one of the best breakdowns of anime titles I could’ve ever asked for. A simple newbie question ended up having a much more interesting answer than I expected too and I feel like we all learned something new. Yay! In all those years, I never guessed it was the actual Japanese creators coming up with the English title! It all makes sense now! I feel like this was the missing puzzle piece that made me figure out a Zodiac cipher. Oh fuck. Tangent time: Have you guys seen Zodiac? It got somewhat buried, but it’s one of my all-time favorite movies! Fucking fantastic!

    Secondly, bless you again for another fantastic breakdown of anime genres and recommendations! I’ve been so lost when it comes to anime. Some of it is cutesy, some is brutal, some has girls with eyeball tentacle tits destroying high rise buildings and lightning pubes, but I never knew what I was getting into with some of these genres. For example, I thought ecchi was for kids. Nope. I found a cool weird artist, Shintaro Kago who draws shit like people with gumball jar brains and shit that reminded me of the “two weeks” lady from Total Recall. He was described as “ero-guro” so I decided to look up if there was any ero-guro anime. There was. But it was shit that made me want to call the FBI, not fun gumball heads. 🙁 It’s funny that you recommended going to Anime News Network because that’s where I got overwhelmed and confused and stumbled upon a lot of these oddities. Haha! But dude, Satoshi Kon is my wife. I fucking love him and saw his whole filmography and Paranoia Agent, plus his segment from… Memories (I think it’s called). Really brilliant filmmaker! I wanted to write a glowing review of him when you guys reviewed Perfect Blue but my shitty old browser wouldn’t allow it at the time. Will, if i remember you weren’t a big Perfect Blue fan, right?

    I’ve actually seen Serial Experiments Lain (found it at 7-Eleven of all places!), Boogiepop Phantom, Texnohylze (or however you spell it) is one I haven’t seen! I’ll check it out and think I still have it download… err…rented I mean. 😀 Angel’s Egg has been in my Youtube Watch Later list for months! It’s on there if you guys want to see it. I think it’s only like an hour long. Fun fact: I think part of Dark Souls 3 lore was inspired by that anime and that’s what made me nerd-out and seek it. I have Belladonna of Sadness “rented” (wink, wink) and I didn’t know that was considered anime. Fuck I didn’t even know it was Japanese. Call me nutzoid, but I think Elijah Wood of all people got that released in The States. I’ll check out Zach Efron (I’ll re-listen, but that’s how I’ll remember it for now). Oh, Roh-Zephon. Hahaha! Fuck. Will, I HIGHLY recommend Neon Genesis! I assumed it was dork shit for years, but it will make you grow three balls. I saw a guide on how to watch them in the best order and it was recommended to watch all of the original series, except for the last one or two episodes (can’t remember), and watch End of Evangelion instead as the finale. I think I fucked it up and just watched everything, but boy is it some great stuff and can’t recommend it enough. Anyway, you would think all of these anime would kind of make their own type of sub-genre! You knew exactly what kind of anime to recommend and it’s the exact shit I’ve been watching! Great anime senses Stephen! But you would think they’d be called something specific by now. For now, I’ll just call them “mindfuckies”. Oh fuck, have any of you seen Berserk?

    You bet your balls I’ve seen Oldboy! DUDE, that movie was fucking incredible! Aw shit, I can’t get into it, this comment is already way too long, but South Korea has been king of the movie mountain for the past 15-20 years or so! They’re… ALL fucking terrific! Fuck if you haven’t seen them, I HIGHLY recommend The Chaser (suspenseful as fuck!), Good, Bad, and The Weird (hilarious fun!), I Saw the Devil (fucking brutal!), and I honestly haven’t told anyone else this because it might just be a personal thing, but The Wailing is probably the best horror movie I’ve seen in like…20 years maybe. That’s no exaggeration either. Shit is still sticking with me. I don’t know what’s in the South Korean water, but they’ve been fucking unstoppable.

    Fuck I can’t keep going on rambling. I’m cussing a lot and that’s when I know I’m getting passionate. Haha! I won’t even go into The Raid and fight scenes or Harryhausen. This entire tirade has been pointless and I don’t mean for these to get so long, but I love talking about movies with you guys even if it’s in a comments section. Haha! I really appreciate the help and feedback and recommendations on all of this stuff. Silver Emulsion is the shit. Keep up the fine work gentlemen.

    Toodles! <3

    P.S. Is this the first podcast that you were both lukewarm about the movie? I can't remember a podcast where you both thought the movie you were reviewing kind of stunk.

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