The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 39 – Project A-ko

Episode 39! We get back into anime with the monumental Project A-ko, one of Stephen’s all-time favorites! Enjoy!

In audio news, I have switched over to my digital recording interface. I hadn’t quite figured out the latency issue between it and my computer when we recorded this, so every once in a while there are some very minor audio pops. Think of them as this episode’s special feature! Next episode I should hopefully have it all ironed out and sounding good… or as good as we can sound. 😛

Music Notes



  • Lou Courtney – Hot Butter ‘N All

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4 comments to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 39 – Project A-ko

  • Well Brothers, just finished warching the Great “Princess Mononoke” [titled “Angry Princess” in Japon]. El Stephen got me curios again with his info about Miyazaki directly responding to the whole end of the world theme in the “Neon genesis Evangelion” series. Where “PM” goes for a much happier conclusion. Honestly this is one of my favorite Anime’s [my other 3 being “Vampire Hunter D”, “Akira”, and “Ghost in the Shell”]. Funny thing is that I don’t think I’ve watched it since the 90’s. First thing that struck me this time is how different this is than all of Miyazaki’s other films, at least in terms of its main target audience. Personally, I like my Animes geared more for grown-ups and I’ve seen “Spirited Away” and “Ponyo” in the theater and yeah he’s a perfectionist and it always shows. To me “PM” is way better though because it’s my kind of genre, and I like how it feels like a live-action movie mostly.

    • nickiandecelles

      Anyway, yeah, a bit rusty on the ‘ol comment thing here, glad to see you guys back though with the whole 2 hour epic show. To stay on topic, we do Listen [at least I do, can’t speak for the other silent dudes and dudettes [spell correct says desuetude wtf?] here, maybe they’ll speak up more soon ;)], and yeah back in Stephen’s Premiere Episode, I wrote down that “Project A-ko” flick he was raving about and found it on Amazon Streaming shortly thereafter. It’s pretty bad-ass, and definitely worth giving more Spins in the future. I was not aware of the hentai [Adult Movie] origins, now that you’ve mentioned that though it makes a bit more sense from the Special Feature I viewed where they were interviewing the crew and they were asking like 10-20 of the animators whether they found A-ko, B-ko, or C-ko to be the most attractive. A bit wierd, funny though there responses were.

  • Oh. And of the 4 Sammo movies Will replied to me with a while back, legally I was only able to Rent of them online “Operation Condor” I think. Bad-ass Man, even better than I was expecting. The “Deer Hunter” bit in the middle was actually pretty traumatic, this time involving kids :/. Really liked the acting and their chemistry though, and the whole Genre flipping you guys talk about being prevalent in Chinese movies was happenin’ lul. And that girl who’s hand he cuts off [eek!] was really good, interesting to read that he married her in real life afterwards. Bling. Oh and lastly to bookend these ranic mavings is this really Cool Gal i found on YouTube just prior to my “PM” viewings. pretty smart, thought you guys might be fans..

  • Correction “Eastern Condor” damn you Jackie Gif.

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