The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 26 – King of Beggars

Episode 26! This episode I’m talkin’ about Gordan Chan’s King of Beggars starring Stephen Chow!

Also on the show:

  • Sammo Hung’s Spooky, Spooky
  • Juan Piquer Simon’s Slugs
  • Burt Brinckerhoff’s Acapulco Gold
Music Notes


  • Joseph LoDuca – Building The Deathcoaster
    • Army Of Darkness (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (iTunes, Amazon)


  • Betty Everett – Getting Mighty Crowded

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1 comment to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 26 – King of Beggars

  • Glad you liked the Manowar cover, that’s just the visible part on the Cd Booklet, it unfolds into this:

    which was tacked to my wall in my teens. The big Metal bands I’ve seen live are: August Burns Red, Bring Me the Horizon, Iced Earth, Nevermore, Opeth, Primus, ReVamp, Sabaton, and Three Inches of Blood. Don’t drink anymore so it’s tough, you know, concerting. Checked out your Manilla Road from Kansas and they sound decent enough [I’m kind of particular with Metal]; from the midwest though, I prefer Slipknot [pretty extreme for some].

    Anyways, back to movies and shnit, I watched “The Raid” based off of your recommendation I heard recently and thanks for that! You were spot on about the realism of the violence. Definitely tough to stomach most of the time, in fact it was so extreme that it became funny that they were still Kung-Fu-ing it with like knives sticking out of their necks. At that point, I’d think someone would start breaking form and fighting real dirty to just survive you know. Real cool and intense though and loved the music [by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park]. I noticed my man Chino from Deftones singing the end credits song which was Rad.

    I recommend you view Stephen Chow’s earlier stuff before you watch Shaolin Soccer [one of the funniest movie I can remember ever seeing in a theater, almost too funny] and Kung-fu Hustle which is almost as good. Those were my first of Chow’s movies, I tried watching his earlier stuff back then afterwards, [had to download them back then sorry!] and they seemed like a bunch of rough cuts to me in comparison. Just couldn’t get into them at the time. Oh yeah and “Enter the Fat Dragon” looks like a bootleg, yeah it’s super frustrating when you can’t access like foreign movies because of unavailability. The movie was pretty funny though. Which Sammo movie would you recommend though for someone who hasn’t seen much of his movies?

    Lastly, viewed Nightbreed the Theatrical Cut and definitely the most interesting part of the movie for me is David Cronenberg. Reminds me of “From Dusk Till Dawn” how the famous director is a main character and that’s one of my favorite movies. I guess people like to criticize Cronenberg’s acting and I see where they’re coming from. I still think he’s really great for the part because I feel like he probably influenced that damn Mask man. Maybe he was intimidating the art department, or they wanted to impress you know, The F#$%^@# Cronenberg ;). I just love every time he puts that thing on with the button eyes and the awkward zipper mouth. Yeah, his line reading is a bit too monotone, thing is though, he knows how to move physically and also wear that Thing like a pro. What I noticed different from the Director’s Cut was the ending where there’s a set up for a sequel and not tying things up with the romantic leads, but I didn’t know all the labor that went into the Director’s Cut when I watched that one. That story about Clive Barker being in a coma is pretty fascinating, and waking and finding out about the lost footage, badass. Well good luck with future episodes brother. Peace on earth.

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