The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 7 – Batman vs Superman vs Ash vs Evil Dead


Episode 7! Take a listen as I ramble about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (iTunes, Amazon), Ash vs. Evil Dead (iTunes, Amazon) and various other movies!

Music Notes


  • Soul Throbs – Little Girl
    • Next Stop… Soweto Vol. 2: Soultown. R&B, Funk & Psyc Sounds From The Townships 1969-1976 (iTunes, Amazon)


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1 comment to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 7 – Batman vs Superman vs Ash vs Evil Dead

  • I totally agree with your sentiment that as time goes by, you start to feel that you no longer want that sequel to the series that you loved. I feel that way with everything and just want shit to be left alone. I don’t want anymore Star Wars, don’t want more Ghostbusters, don’t want Schindler’s List 2: Bullet Points, etc. And surprisingly, I felt that way with Ash vs. Evil Dead. I really enjoyed it (the first episode mostly), but come the third episode I realized that I no longer wanted more and stopped watching. Maybe one day in the far future I’ll take another look, but I think I’m okay with having my three favorite movies, just stay at three. Nowadays everything is milked and plundered for every penny possible and each generation gets their own Star Wars and Spiderman and if you didn’t like Batman last month then check out the new one this month, and it’s just a fucking pathetic culture we have right now. That probably sounds dramatic but it’s true. Instead of being inspired by the artists of previous generations, we steal their work, milk it, and tell them to fuck off. This escalated quickly and I’m about to rant, but with that said, sometimes less is more, sometimes more is more, and sometimes more is too fucking much. Ash vs. Evil Dead ain’t bad, but I’ll stick with Evil Dead.

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