The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 4 – 1980 Horror Movie Ramblegeddon!


Episode 4! I don’t have any witty, self-deprecating exclamations this time!

Take a listen as I ramble my way through the most popular horror films of 1980 on Letterboxd! And other stuff, too!

Music Notes


  • Wojciech Kilar – End Titles
  • MC5 – Back in the U.S.A.


  • Naoki Kodaka – The Office Theme (Stage 1)
    • Soundtrack to the 1990 NES game Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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4 comments to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 4 – 1980 Horror Movie Ramblegeddon!

  • I have heard of Uzumaki before. In fact when I looked into it, it turns out I already have the movie version lined up on Netflix so it’ll turn up in my mailbox someday. How well its visuals will work in live action is up for debate, though.

    Gyo is another one that I’ve been interested in since I heard about the anime film version, Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack, which by the title alone has to be worth watching. Unfortunately that one is released by Aniplex, the king of overpriced anime BS. Forty bucks for a goddamn DVD is not going to happen. That would be asking a lot even for a Blu-ray release, which it doesn’t appear to have. So unless I can track down a rental or streaming version somewhere down the line, that one will have to go unseen.

    I did not realize they were from the same guy, though. Maybe I ought to just track down the manga instead.

    • OK, so I’m torn with whether I should answer you here or on the podcast. I think I’ll do both! Hahaha, anyway I have seen both Uzumaki and Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack and my recommendation is to just read the mangas! Uzumaki captures some of the visuals but it’s a boring, languidly paced film that doesn’t really do the manga any kind of justice. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack is even worse. In that one they restructured a lot of the characters and story so that it would progress a lot quicker and be more traditional horror. I think even if I didn’t know the manga it’d still be a bad movie. It’s not even that long, like maybe 50 minutes, and it felt like forever. I saw that horribly overpriced DVD when i wanted to watch it, and then by chance I was buying some kung fu DVDs from a company in the UK and they also released Gyo over there. It was on sale for like $3!!!

      Both manga are fucking fantastic! I’m reading another of his now, Tomie, and that’s a lot of fun but definitely not as good. I believe Tomie is a lot older though.

    • Just found this… I took this screen from the Gyo adaptation. It can also serve as my review!


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