Are you ready for another unnecessary unboxing video? Oh, boy I know I am!

Yes, it’s time for another Horror Block, the horror-themed subscription box that puts the F-U-N in horror! That doesn’t make any sense, and I don’t care! Horror Block runs $20 a month + shipping (with the shipping cost dependent on where you live). For me it totaled out to be just shy of $30. They have also recently announced multi-month packages that save you some money.

Horror Block is based in Canada and ships their boxes internationally, so the whole world can enjoy them! If you’re thinking about ordering one, do so through one of the ads on the sidebar or the links on these posts and I’ll get a cut! You don’t want my cat to die, do you? Order now!

But don’t just order blindly; watch the video and find out if Horror Block is right for you! And as always, I always appreciate any feedback or suggestions about the videos, so let me know in the comments. Thanks!