Box of Dread — September 2014 Unboxing Video!

I’m back with this month’s Box of Dread! For those that don’t know, Box of Dread is a horror-themed subscription box. It’s $20 a month and you get a fun mystery box filled with stuff you hopefully like. I have to say, it’s damn fun to get these in the mail. It feels just like Christmas, except instead of your loved ones expressing their feelings for you through their gift selection, you paid someone to pick random stuff to send to you so you could taste that long-gone feeling of being loved again! There’s nothing sad about that at all! Anyway, enjoy my slightly disgruntled unboxing!

2 comments to Box of Dread — September 2014 Unboxing Video!

  • Stephen

    Well, there was a short-lived tradition (assuming you do stop doing these now).

    • Hahahahaha! I did indeed cancel my Box of Dread sub after shooting this video, but getting these is super fun so I’ll probably get more in the future. I’ll keep my eyes on the hints they give out each month and maybe jump in if it seems cool.

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