Yes, believe it or not I have jumped onto the unboxing video bandwagon. I generally don’t care for this “genre” of YouTube videos, especially for mundane stuff — Check out my unboxing video for my new Sunbeam blender! — but I became enamored with them via my friends’ website/podcast (which you should all check out), Gourmet Gamer. There, Zane has a subscription to LootCrate and has done monthly unboxing videos for a while now. I found them exciting and fun to watch due to the mystery element of the box, but I refrained from subscribing myself because it was all mostly stuff I wouldn’t want.

In comes Box of Dread. It is a horror-themed subscription box, and the previous boxes looked like they had some good-looking stuff inside. Things like cute little Walking Dead vinyl figures, or a whole box devoted to Full Moon stuff. Anyway, I subscribed and how can one in 2014 subscribe to such a thing and not make an unboxing video? So here it is in all its… glory? I don’t know, you tell me. I feel like I was talking more naturally on this video, except for my sudden inability to correctly say “subscription.” Enjoy!