This is a quick note for those who frequent Silver Emulsion and might be wondering where all that shiny new content is that usually appears here at an alarming rate. Simply put: shit happens. Many things all came together over the last two weeks to make this lack of content possible. So thank God, Satan, the Universe, the Buddha, Mother Earth, Gaia, or whatever deity you believe or don’t believe in for finally quieting my diarrhea of the mouth about movies. Sincere apologies to anyone out there following one of my review series, but know that I am going to resurrect myself from this dead period and be back to posting as normal as soon as possible.

Last week saw a dip in my posts by half (and the two I did post were both written a couple weeks prior), and this week is shaping up to be one of complete unplanned hiatus. I do hope to back in some capacity next week, as I have a lot of interesting things on the table. Things like the latest film from Lloyd Kaufman and Troma (Return to Nukem High), my Blind Spot for this month (Scorsese’s debut film), and a huge stack of 2013 titles (The Grandmaster, 12 Years a Slave, Blue Jasmine, Escape Plan, Thor 2: The Revenge, etc. etc). I also have a book to review and a magazine to review, in addition to all those wonderful review series films I’m dying to get to. So yeah, things are coming. When? Sometime. Thanks for your patience.

To keep the fires stoked and warm while I’m not doing much of anything here, Stephen will have a review up on Wednesday as usual. So be nice and heap lots of traffic and comments on it when it drops.