You may have noticed that from week to week I am often adjusting and tweaking how frequent I put out a review for the various review series I have running. Ideally, I’d like everything to be on a weekly schedule. At the moment this isn’t possible, mostly because I’ve taken on too many things at once and also because I’ve lazily handled the Sam Fuller series over nearly the entire life of this website. I should have been done with his films a very long time ago, but I have a hard time curbing my inherent desires to hoard and store the things I truly love. I love Sam Fuller’s films immensely, so I am hesitant to watch them all because I don’t like the idea of there not being a “new” Fuller film to watch. This goes for many of my other favorite filmmakers too. I realize the futility of this kind of thinking, but it’s a hard habit to break. I started the series as a “I’ll do one whenever I feel like watching a Sam Fuller movie” kind of series, which ended up being very intermittent and haphazard. For instance, in 2012 I only had two Fuller reviews go up, a ridiculous number.

My most recent plan was to do new Fuller reviews every two weeks. If my previous pace was that of a snail, then this would surely count as lightspeed. But it seems that lightspeed is not fast enough. Even at a bi-weekly pace, it’d still be 2014 before I finished the series. So I’m going into some kind of warp speed, moving the series to a weekly frequency so that I can finish it before my annual Horrific October event.

I have also decided to review the works that Sam Fuller was only a screenwriter on. There’s a few of these readily available via the Sam Fuller box set that came out a few years back, so I’ll definitely hit those and maybe I can track down some of the others. I plan to do these starting in November, as an epilogue of sorts to the series proper. I feel like I might be unduly biased against them if I see them too close to Fuller’s directorial works, and I want them to be able to stand on their own (even if they are studio re-written, watered-down, bastardized versions of Sam Fuller’s original stories :)).

And for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and that means that I must place the Full Moon series on an extended, intermittent hiatus until October. It was a hard decision to make because I love doing that series, and I often find that I enjoy the Full Moon reviews better than a lot of my other ones. Simply put, these films make me laugh, so I’m sorry that I have to put them aside for a bit. This also means that this series will take even longer. Oh well, but I do think it’s for the best. Also, I say “intermittent” because I hope to be able to squeeze in a Full Moon movie or two before October. No promises, though.

Doing this could also mean that I would be able to do weekly Arnold reviews (they’re bi-weekly currently), but I haven’t decided if I want to do that or flip-flop every other week with Jackie Chan films. As it stands now, I’m doing the JC stuff as I find extra time, which isn’t all that often (which, in turn, makes me sad). I could also flip-flop Arnolds with Full Moon films, or even do a three-week flip-flop (or would that be a flip-flop-flip?) between all three. If anyone cares or has a preference, let me know and I’ll take your thoughts into consideration.

Finishing the Sam Fuller series will be a major milestone for me, as it will be the first major series that I will have completed. This will make room for the other series to then finish up quicker, which will inevitably lead to more series. I like series, what can I say?

And speaking of more series, whenever I’m ready to tackle another director’s filmography, I plan to post a poll asking everyone whose films they’d like to see reviewed here. But I probably shouldn’t even mention that right now, and besides I still have the rest of the Peter Jackson films to finish before The Hobbit 2: Dark Territory hits theaters in December (but that shouldn’t be a problem).

Sorry for such a confessional mess of a post, but I thought it’d be better to put this out there instead of just changing things around and leaving people to wonder where their trashy, low-budget review of the week went. 🙂 To make you feel better, here’s a Nic Cage cat! For the Dreamcast fans out there, doesn’t this remind you of Seaman?