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Valentine’s Day may be over…

I remember getting these when I was a kid!
I remember getting these when I was a kid!

Valentine’s Day (and its special event) may be over, but let’s not forget that love isn’t a seasonal thing. Make sure to tell the special people in your life how much they mean to you on all days, not just the one that society says we’re forced to observe. And a good gyration will go far, so whenever you’re feeling a little spent and in need of some romantic inspiration, there’s always Perfect to help you get your groove back.

I had a great time watching and writing about these four movies with Syreeta, and I hope everyone enjoyed reading the reviews! The movies (picked by the one and only Syreeta) were all great and I definitely recommend y’all check ’em out!

Next week, Silver Emulsion will be back to normal featuring reviews of such things as an unearthed ’80s martial arts gem, one of the most controversial Japanese films of all time, the only collaborative work between John Woo and Jackie Chan, and a 2012 romantic comedy! Huh? That’s right! Look for those and more starting on Monday!

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