It’s time for Valentine’s!

I_Love_80s--FrontalYou have been officially invited to Silver Emulsion’s arousing Valentine’s month! Will and I have wanted to write a review together for a while, and now… drum roll please… WE HAVE ARRIVED! So, how do I start to explain the sensations we’re about to create? This Valentine’s Day we are bringing you the HOTTEST, STEAMIEST, SEXIEST, BONER-WORTHIEST, ’80s movies. It was extremely HARD, but we were able to narrow it down to four movies that will reintroduce you to the carnal cravings of the body. They are a titillating introduction into the ’80s movie scene. There is music, gyrating, drama, gyrating, tongue kissing, gyrating, love, and did I say gyrating? We will bring you four decadent movies over the next two weeks: Perfect, Purple Rain, About Last Night… and Urban Cowboy. These movies are bound to create erect nipples. We will also be hosting a 1st time Valentine’s Day contest (Instructions are below). You will never think of Valentine’s Day without remembering the magic that Will and I are about to create!

Let me pause my ADHD and introduce myself. I am Syreeta, also known as “fannypackandlegwarmers.” I’m an ’80s girl all the way. I’m talking about leg warmers, fanny pack, head band… and get this… I teach a dance class that is pelvicly (I make up my own words) comparable to Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie Perfect. I am (amongst other things) a romance novelist in the making and my favorite hobby is kissing the erogenous zones in the mouth!

It all starts tomorrow with the first review of Perfect, but until then start getting your contest entries in!

The rules are simple: Watch this clip of Jamie Lee Curtis treating John Travolta to a sexy aerobic class, and then send us a decadent comment. The comment that gives us involuntary kegels WINS!!!!! The contest will be in effect from February 4th to February 8th. This time frame will ensure that you receive your prize in time for Valentine’s Day! We will send out a Decadent Valentine’s package to one totally rad winner. The package will include @#$##, &*^%, $%#@!, and $$#%&. That’s not a mistake… it’s a secret!

12 comments to It’s time for Valentine’s!

  • Dear God, this post was arousing. I had to go away for a bit of…. quiet time after reading it! Nice work, Syreeta!

    • Syreeta, aka legwarmersandfannypacks

      Hey Rodney, Thank you for my official 1st comment. Arousing is the name of the game. Quiet time means that my post was effective and erective!!!

  • Great intro to the series, Syreeta! I must agree with Rodney, it was quite “exciting.” We really have talked about doing something like this for a while, so I’m really excited to actually do it!

    I’m very curious what this mystery package might contain, but I also like the mystery. Whatever it is, I know it’ll be good!

    • Syreeta, aka legwarmersandfannypacks

      Hey Will, thanks for the compliment. I strive to be as great as you’ve become. You should be really excited about the package. It’s so rad. Maybe I’ll send you one also. The package might burn your hands, and is bound to make you blush1

  • Stephen

    What’s this? I take a few weeks off, and you find yourself a new partner? How could you, Will!? I’m heartbroken now.

    And I’m sure this bizarre love triangle analogy is going to play perfectly into Syreeta’s hands.

  • Damn, that post was NSFW. I have to say: if I had to choose a sexiest Jamie Lee Curtis it wouldn’t be leotard Jamie Lee Curtis (as seen above) but it’d be TRUE LIES Jamie Lee Curtis: that striptease she does is stellar and she owns it. She proves that older film stars are just as vibrant and talented and amazing as young stars!

  • Syreeta

    Hi Joanna. My favorite movie with Jamie Lee Curtis is Perfect, but my 2nd favorite is definitely her in True Lies. Both movies are sexy! True Lies (TL) is a sexy, mature Curtis. It has been debated as to whether she used a body double or not; It appears as if it was her though. I know she did her own stunts, so it would make since to perform her own striptease. She was about 37/38 years old in TL and about 26/27 in Perfect. Many were stunned by striptease because she was “older”. I wouldn’t have called her “older”, she was only 37 years young. But I agree with you, she is still beautiful and vibrant today at the age of 54! Thanks for the feedback and reference to another great Curtis performance.

  • Good luck to anyone trying to top this contest.

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