I’ve hinted at it several times in comments and such, but now’s the time for an official announcement!

As you might have heard, the world is supposed to end this December. On the 21st, to be exact. But because that’s a load of total bullshit, we’re planning a kick-ass series of films to close out 2012 and ring in the New Year! Maybe we’re wrong and these reviews will go up alongside great suffering and catastrophic disaster, but if that’s the case then I hope these upcoming reviews provide some solace amidst your personal strife. As long as you can find power and Internet, of course.

So anyway, Stephen came to me a few months back with a great idea: review a series of films that set themselves in the future, but because the films are old these futures have now become our past. And we’d post the reviews in chronological order of their representative year! What? Tell me more!

The pièce de résistance is that the series will end with a pair of films set in the year 2013, offering two very different takes on what life next year might be like! How can I say no to something as great as that?

I can’t!

So starting December 24th and running all the way through January 1st, Silver Emulsion will focus on films of the expired future. I’d rather not reveal the list in advance this time, as I think the group of films we’ve assembled will be more fun to roll out without people’s prior knowledge.

But know this: the series will start with a film set in 1997. If you can successfully guess what it is (and it’s reasonably easy to deduce, I think), I’ll carve your name into my chest with a Bowie knife, because in my 2013 that’s how we show respect! Here’s to the near future!

Happy New Year!