With Skyfall‘s recent release, I thought it would be a good time to bring up the world-famous 007! James Bond is a film and literary icon, with an unprecedented series of film stretching from the 1960s all the way to today. And there’s no sign that interest in Bond’s adventures is waning, as each installment is met with excitement. So with this in mind:

Who’s the best Bond, and what’s your favorite Bond film?

For me, it’s easily Sean Connery. I like everyone else in the role too, but Connery is without question my favorite. He was the only Bond I saw growing up, so perhaps this had something to do with it. As for a favorite film, I’d say Goldfinger. I know, I know… it’s clichéd and quite obvious of me to go with those two, but they’re popular for a reason! I could just as easily go with From Russia With Love, a film that has only gotten better every time I see it, but Goldfinger has always been my go-to Bond fix. So what’s yours?