So ICE FEST 2012 is over! I’m a bit sad that it’s come to a close, but I had a ton of fun watching and reviewing the movies in one big block of Ice. It’s been so long since I’d done a two-week series (about two years since the original SE Event, A Fistful of Djangos), and I had forgotten just how much fun it was to watch the movies as a group. It’s times like these that I get to fulfill my dreams of running and scheduling a theater, and even though the turnout here is always somewhat disappointing to me, I’m truly grateful for everyone that read the reviews and left a comment.

Unfortunately, I still did not receive any links from anyone, so apparently I was the only one that needed some Icy relief from the furious rays of the sun… but don’t fret! I have assembled a couple of reviews that should keep you nice and Icy if my block of nine films wasn’t enough to satiate your urge for coolness.

Nostra over at My Film Views got a chance to see Ice T’s directorial début, Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap right before ICE FEST kicked off! I can’t wait to see this one, and when it drops on DVD there’s a chance that SE will freeze over once again. Anyway, check out his review!

The Daily Grindhouse posted up a trailer and a short write-up on ICE FEST opener: New Jack City!

Don’t forget to check out’s vintage review of Surviving the Game from 1994! It’s interesting to read a take on the film coming from a completely different perspective than my own.

Perhaps you found my review of Trespass stupid and amateurish! If so, here’s Roger Ebert’s review from 1992!

And at this point I spent an hour or so trying to find some more links that were both relevant and interesting to read and found nothing that really did anything for me. Oh well.

So this ends ICE FEST, be sure to come back next week when we’re back to normal and I unleash my reviews of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. OH YEAH!

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  • Stephen

    And here I thought that “OH YEAH!” was going to be the Kool-aid man busting through a wall.

    I know I haven’t commented on any of the films, but since I’ve never seen any of them and have no familiarity with rap culture in general I felt unqualified to say much. I will however say that I enjoyed reading them all, and it’s nice to know that both Ices have a range of serious, meaningful pieces and some just plain old fun.

    It’s been a great couple of weeks here.

    • Oh yeah! That’s another great Oh yeah! I’ll have to remember that one for the next time I link an Oh yeah!

      Glad you enjoyed the series. They both definitely have some gems. If you were going to dip your toes into the Ice, I’d recommend Surviving the Game, Boyz n the Hood, or Trespass as good starting points.

  • So ends ICE FEST 2012. Like you, I’m sad that it’s over, but I’m glad you saw this thing through to the end. This is probably the most fun I’ve had watching a string of related films in a while and reading your thoughts only made it that much more entertaining. Personally, if I had to choose sides on which half of ICE FEST I enjoyed more, I’d have to go with my home boy Ice T. This is a guy that knows exactly the type of characters he was born to play and his personality seems to be a great fit for the low budget, B films he chooses to act in. No disrespect towards Cube, but he seems to be all over the place and is still struggling to find his niche.

    Hope you manage to track down The Art of Rap soon. Besides wanting to see it myself, I’d love to read your thoughts.

    • Cool, glad you had fun! I didn’t know you planned on watching along, so that added some enjoyment for me just knowing that. I also gotta come down on the side of ICE T. I agree that he really fits well into the B-movie roles presented here, and I look forward to checking out some more of those. Cube’s bouncing through genres really made it hard to plan this, but he’s definitely the more successful of the two, at least commercially. I think he probably found his niche with comedies, or at least he’s hit a groove that he seems to enjoy, as a good majority of his last 10 years have been comedies.

      I should be able to get Art of Rap in Sept sometime.

  • Nic ework on Ice Fest, my friend. I, too, wish I was as appropriately versed in all things ICE to chime in, but sadly I’m in deficit in that area of my cinema viewing, so I had little to add! BUt, as Stephen and Jasper allude to, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it all! Hilarious.

    Now, bring on Nolanbat!!!

    • Thanks! I had hoped to inspire people to gain that lacking education in some things Ice, but I’ll take just making them laugh instead! It always makes me happy to make people laugh, so I’m glad to provide that.

      I’m rolling out the Nolanbat (as you call it) a little quicker than usual because while ICE FEST was on I was able to watch all three! So they’ll all be up this week instead of my usual “one a week” thing.

  • Thanks for the linkage..hope you will be able to check out the documentary once it’s out on DVD!

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