Oh wow! I really didn’t expect this to happen! I was nominated in the Lammys for Best Horror/Sci-Fi blog, and while I cover quite a bit more than that, I’m very happy to be lumped into the most obvious genre to lump me into. Perhaps that pact I made with myself to watch and review every single Full Moon Feature is finally paying dividends! Not to mention devoting the entire month of October to horror! In any case, if you voted for me, I sincerely appreciate it and am truly honored. I’m gonna display the shit out of that nominee banner too.

This also means that now I have to make good on the promise I laid out for getting nominated in this category. Looks like you’ll see reviews of Blade Runner and Scanners sometime within the next month or so. If I have time, I’ll try to squeeze in Prometheus as well.

And as a huge shout-out to Rodney of Fernby Films, the site’s most diligent reader and one of my votes for Best Blog, I’m gonna go ahead with the plans for The Weekend at Bernie’s series, despite not getting nominated for funniest writer. Look for that in the coming month or two as well.

AND, coincidentally I just noticed that this is Post #500 on the site, so yay! I’ve successfully whittled away the last year of my twenties and the better part of my thirtieth year writing reviews of horror schlock, martial arts films and any other random thing that comes my way. I feel like a better person for it, and I honestly don’t think I’ve loved doing something as much as this.

I’ll let you know when the poll goes up and all you fellow LAMBs can cast your vote for progress, change and mutant scorpions!