Well, it had to happen. I missed last week’s links and I almost missed doing this one. It’s hard to keep it up.

Rodney at Fernby Films gives a great review of a film I’m quite excited to see: Attack the Block!

While searching around the web for other’s impressions of Drive, I ran into this. It’s pretty impressive.

Anomalous Material whips up a Top 10 list of Lars Von Trier films.
Haven’t seen them all, but I would have included Manderlay and Dancer in the Dark would top the list.
Looking forward to seeing Melancholia soon!

Michael at Kiai-Kick! busts out the classic Jackie with a review of one of my old favorites, Armour of God!
Supposedly Jackie’s making another of these and I hope it lives up to the legacy of the series so far!

The Daily Grindhouse has a great list of titles on Netflix Instant that are definitely flying
under the radar of most viewers! If only I had more time, I’d watch them all!

That’s all folks!