Valentine’s Day may be over…

I remember getting these when I was a kid!

I remember getting these when I was a kid!

Valentine’s Day (and its special event) may be over, but let’s not forget that love isn’t a seasonal thing. Make sure to tell the special people in your life how much they mean to you on all days, not just the one that society says we’re forced to observe. And a good gyration will go far, so whenever you’re feeling a little spent and in need of some romantic inspiration, there’s always Perfect to help you get your groove back.

I had a great time watching and writing about these four movies with Syreeta, and I hope everyone enjoyed reading the reviews! The movies (picked by the one and only Syreeta) were all great and I definitely recommend y’all check ‘em out!

Next week, Silver Emulsion will be back to normal featuring reviews of such things as an unearthed ’80s martial arts gem, one of the most controversial Japanese films of all time, the only collaborative work between John Woo and Jackie Chan, and a 2012 romantic comedy! Huh? That’s right! Look for those and more starting on Monday!

The contest is over and we have a winner!

Last week we held a contest based around the pelvic gyrations of Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta in Perfect, and now we have a bona fide winner! It’s good ole Rodney from! He gyrated and thrusted himself into the undisputed top spot and will be receiving the Decadent Valentine’s Day Package! Congrats, you earned it!

Will this be Rodney's prize?

Will this be Rodney’s prize?

But don’t think that the Valentine’s event is over! We still have two great movies to cover this week, so stay tuned for sexual perversity in Chicago and mechanical bulls! Oh baby!

It’s time for Valentine’s!

I_Love_80s--FrontalYou have been officially invited to Silver Emulsion’s arousing Valentine’s month! Will and I have wanted to write a review together for a while, and now… drum roll please… WE HAVE ARRIVED! So, how do I start to explain the sensations we’re about to create? This Valentine’s Day we are bringing you the HOTTEST, STEAMIEST, SEXIEST, BONER-WORTHIEST, ’80s movies. It was extremely HARD, but we were able to narrow it down to four movies that will reintroduce you to the carnal cravings of the body. They are a titillating introduction into the ’80s movie scene. There is music, gyrating, drama, gyrating, tongue kissing, gyrating, love, and did I say gyrating? We will bring you four decadent movies over the next two weeks: Perfect, Purple Rain, About Last Night… and Urban Cowboy. These movies are bound to create erect nipples. We will also be hosting a 1st time Valentine’s Day contest (Instructions are below). You will never think of Valentine’s Day without remembering the magic that Will and I are about to create!

Let me pause my ADHD and introduce myself. I am Syreeta, also known as “fannypackandlegwarmers.” I’m an ’80s girl all the way. I’m talking about leg warmers, fanny pack, head band… and get this… I teach a dance class that is pelvicly (I make up my own words) comparable to Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie Perfect. I am (amongst other things) a romance novelist in the making and my favorite hobby is kissing the erogenous zones in the mouth!

It all starts tomorrow with the first review of Perfect, but until then start getting your contest entries in!

The rules are simple: Watch this clip of Jamie Lee Curtis treating John Travolta to a sexy aerobic class, and then send us a decadent comment. The comment that gives us involuntary kegels WINS!!!!! The contest will be in effect from February 4th to February 8th. This time frame will ensure that you receive your prize in time for Valentine’s Day! We will send out a Decadent Valentine’s package to one totally rad winner. The package will include @#$##, &*^%, $%#@!, and $$#%&. That’s not a mistake… it’s a secret!

Announcing the Futures Passed Series — Dec 24th–Jan 1st!


I’ve hinted at it several times in comments and such, but now’s the time for an official announcement!

As you might have heard, the world is supposed to end this December. On the 21st, to be exact. But because that’s a load of total bullshit, we’re planning a kick-ass series of films to close out 2012 and ring in the New Year! Maybe we’re wrong and these reviews will go up alongside great suffering and catastrophic disaster, but if that’s the case then I hope these upcoming reviews provide some solace amidst your personal strife. As long as you can find power and Internet, of course.

So anyway, Stephen came to me a few months back with a great idea: review a series of films that set themselves in the future, but because the films are old these futures have now become our past. And we’d post the reviews in chronological order of their representative year! What? Tell me more!

The pièce de résistance is that the series will end with a pair of films set in the year 2013, offering two very different takes on what life next year might be like! How can I say no to something as great as that?

I can’t!

So starting December 24th and running all the way through January 1st, Silver Emulsion will focus on films of the expired future. I’d rather not reveal the list in advance this time, as I think the group of films we’ve assembled will be more fun to roll out without people’s prior knowledge.

But know this: the series will start with a film set in 1997. If you can successfully guess what it is (and it’s reasonably easy to deduce, I think), I’ll carve your name into my chest with a Bowie knife, because in my 2013 that’s how we show respect! Here’s to the near future!

Happy New Year!

Blind Spot Series 2013

Ryan McNeil of The Matinee started this Blind Spot series a while back, and I’m finally going to take the plunge myself in 2013. The idea is simple: you compile a list of 12 movies you’ve never seen and consider to be “cinematic blind spots”, and then over the course of the year you actually watch them — one a month — instead of shuffling them down your queue and continuing to avoid them.

Below I present my list for 2013, listed alphabetically. If I allowed myself to choose what to watch at random, I might be tempted not to choose, thus unceremoniously abandoning the project.

As if I needed another series! Anyway, it should be fun.

Ace in the Hole
Aguirre, the Wrath of God
Black Narcissus
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Fast Times at Ridgemont High

The King of Comedy
Shadow of a Doubt
Swing Time


So ICE FEST 2012 is over! I’m a bit sad that it’s come to a close, but I had a ton of fun watching and reviewing the movies in one big block of Ice. It’s been so long since I’d done a two-week series (about two years since the original SE Event, A Fistful of Djangos), and I had forgotten just how much fun it was to watch the movies as a group. It’s times like these that I get to fulfill my dreams of running and scheduling a theater, and even though the turnout here is always somewhat disappointing to me, I’m truly grateful for everyone that read the reviews and left a comment.

Unfortunately, I still did not receive any links from anyone, so apparently I was the only one that needed some Icy relief from the furious rays of the sun… but don’t fret! I have assembled a couple of reviews that should keep you nice and Icy if my block of nine films wasn’t enough to satiate your urge for coolness.

Nostra over at My Film Views got a chance to see Ice T’s directorial début, Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap right before ICE FEST kicked off! I can’t wait to see this one, and when it drops on DVD there’s a chance that SE will freeze over once again. Anyway, check out his review!

The Daily Grindhouse posted up a trailer and a short write-up on ICE FEST opener: New Jack City!

Don’t forget to check out’s vintage review of Surviving the Game from 1994! It’s interesting to read a take on the film coming from a completely different perspective than my own.

Perhaps you found my review of Trespass stupid and amateurish! If so, here’s Roger Ebert’s review from 1992!

And at this point I spent an hour or so trying to find some more links that were both relevant and interesting to read and found nothing that really did anything for me. Oh well.

So this ends ICE FEST, be sure to come back next week when we’re back to normal and I unleash my reviews of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. OH YEAH!

State of the Ice Address

So the first week of Ice Fest is done and in the can! I’ve had a blast watching and reviewing the movies and I love all the great comments too. Let’s keep rollin’ this snowball iceball down the hill and make next week even better. I need all the help I can get on marketing, so email, tweet, Facebook, carrier pigeon, catapult, however you wanna get the links out there is a big help!

I’ve never looked at this series as any sort of competition to see who was better or anything like that, but if it were I’d say that we’re all tied up at this point. Boyz n the Hood is the definite winner between the first two, and Stealth Fighter clearly trumps All About the Benjamins. Hopefully our actors can stay frosty enough to keep up the great work for next week. In the words of Mr. Freeze, “Let’s kick some ice!”

This would have been the section where I posted links to other people’s reviews of Ice films, but no one sent any in! How dare they! I guess they’re all perfectly cool without any Ice in their lives. Maybe next week! C’mon bloggers, there’s a whole host of options readily available if you have Netflix Instant!

A sampling of what is currently available there:

Ice T
Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo
Surviving the Game (…but it’s Full Screen! Such bullshit!)
Mean Guns (from the director of one of my favorites, Dollman)
Judgement Day (How did I not include this? It’s like Armageddon but with Ice T, Coolio and Mario Van Peebles! C’mon, someone’s gotta review this!)
Leprechaun in the Hood (Yes!)
Gangland (Post-apocalyptic Ice!)

Ice Cube
Boyz n the Hood
Higher Learning
Ghosts of Mars

Oh, and they also have TRESPASS with both Ice T and Ice Cube; can you handle that much Ice at once?

So, that’s it until next week! Keep Icin’, stay Icy, and have an Ice-tastic weekend!

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