Justice, My Foot! @ ShawBrothersUniverse.com!


Hey there, Emulsionistas! My second post for the official Shaw Brothers site went up yesterday. This time it’s a review of the Johnnie To-directed 1992 smash-hit starring Stephen Chow and Anita Mui: Justice, My Foot!. Check it out here and enjoy!

And if you’re looking to watch Justice, My Foot!, it’s available on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Microsoft and Google Play. It’s also on HK Blu-ray for those more inclined to physical media.

Men from the Monastery @ ShawBrothersUniverse.com!

Hello, faithful Emulsionites! Just wanted to post a short note here about my new gig writing for the official Shaw Brothers site run by Celestial Pictures: ShawBrothersUniverse.com. My first post went up a couple of weeks ago, and it’s about one of my favorite subjects: Men from the Monastery and its place in Chang Cheh’s Shaolin Cycle! Go check it out, and be on the lookout for more like it to follow!

I’m on a Podcast — Forgotten Filmcast #75: The Satan Bug


After almost a year and a half, I’m back on a podcast! That’s how it goes when you don’t actively pursue those kinds of things. Anyway, you can hear me talk with Todd Liebenow of Forgotten Films on the 75th episode of his Forgotten Filmcast! We got together to discuss the 1965 John Sturges film The Satan Bug, a movie far less entertaining than its title. Commune with the pod and enjoy! I’ve embedded it below for quick listening, but if you wanna subscribe to the show or listen on a portable device you can head to iTunes, PodOmatic or Your Listen.

As always, I love feedback, so if you listen to the show let me know what you think! Thanks for listening!

6 Years of Emulsification!


Another year has flown by and here I am once again, wondering what to say and staring at a picture of a cat using a computer. In last year’s update, I talked about stepping back from Silver Emulsion a bit to focus more on my caregiving duties for my wonderful wife who unfortunately has multiple sclerosis. This year was a further progression of this, but I still managed to keep the reviews flowing pretty regularly. I did take a week off here and there, so I guess I can officially say that I’m not wicked. 🙂

I can also officially say that at this point, my Arnold review series is all but done. For once, one of my “next year” predictions in a status update was correct! Do I win something? [Editor’s note: No.] I only have a few cameo roles to do Quick Take reviews for, and those won’t drop for a while as one of them is the film version of Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye. I refuse to watch that one until I read the book, and I can’t read the book until I finish re-reading the other Chandler novels. I’ve got a couple more to go. In any case, outside of this final cameo post and whatever new movies Arnold is in, I can move my attention to finishing the other three series that I committed myself to (quite some time ago now!).

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Hey Look at This! – Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland

Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland is a documentary about Empire International, one of my favorite ’80s B-Movie studios, and it’s currently looking for some funding on Kickstarter. In general I’m not one to write posts about Kickstarters (I’d have A LOT to write about if I was!), but in this case I felt like it was my duty. As you may be aware, I’m years deep into a review series of the entire Empire International/Full Moon/Charles Band catalog. So naturally when a documentary is proposed, focused specifically on the most cinematically interesting period of Band’s career, I’m interested. Oh, and it has “never-before-seen footage, production stills, and rare glimpses at the motion pictures that were in development when the studio was dramatically seized by the bank”? Sounds fantastic!

The Empire years were home to some of the best films that Charles Band had a hand in making, including classics like Re-Animator, Troll and Trancers, as well as lesser-known Silver Emulsion favorites like Ghoulies 1 & 2, Ghost Warrior and Robot Jox. Producing a plethora of varied, imaginative films in just a few years, Empire ended up going bankrupt while still in production on many films. This led directly into the creation of Full Moon at the dawn of the direct-to-video market, as a last chance effort by Band to save his company. These years are ripe with great films, and I imagine the stories about making them are just as great. I mean, as a fan of FX work how can you not get excited by this rare shot from behind-the-scenes of Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond!


I’m specifically interested in the company’s implosion, and I have high hopes that Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland can shed some light on exactly what happened and why. I’ve heard it was due to the ever-growing budget for the amazing stop-motion and FX work on Robot Jox, but I have my doubts that this was the only factor. There were also many films announced, or cancelled somewhere along the line in production that I hope to hear more about, too.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland Kickstarter!

Japan Crate — June 2015 Unboxing and DIY Videos!

Hey everybody! Here’s the videos for my third Japan Crate! I’m getting kinda tired of making these, and I’m not really getting any kind of response to them, so this will be the last month I’m doing them. I actually just got the July Japan Crate, and it’s got a lot of fun stuff in it… including a super-cool Kid’s Beer! Yes, you read that right! Anyway, I highly recommend Japan Crate!

First up is the June unboxing video:

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Year 5 Status Update

Doing an update post has become a yearly tradition, and while I don’t think anyone else really cares about them, it helps me process what I’ve done and what I’m wanting to do in the coming year. I usually post these on or very close to the good ol’ anniversary date, but since I was doing my blowout giveaway extravaganza I thought I’d let it slide a little. Anyway, here it is! Bet you’re glad you didn’t hold your breath waitin’ for it!

Looking back at last year, I did a lot of stepping away from the site. The fairly hectic and generally dependable weekly schedule I set up for myself was thrown in the trash, and I found myself just struggling to keep things afloat. This was for many reasons, with the main ones being my general stress level and the increasingly more demanding caregiving I do for my lovely partner. I can happily report that this move towards not caring as much about the site has definitely helped. I’m still a neurotic, obsessive bundle of anger, but I try my best to not worry about these little things like Silver Emulsion. It’s only a fun hobby, after all.

This update comes on the heels of FINALLY finishing my first long-running, ongoing series: my ever-expanding look at the work of writer/director Sam Fuller. I’m very excited to be done with it, because that means that everything else will be moving just a little bit quicker without any specific speed-up on my part. That basically boils down to posting about Jackie Chan and Arnold movies about twice as often as I have been over the past year or so. Yay! I’ve also recently figured a schedule out that may make it possible for me to increase my speed even further, but I haven’t tried it out yet so no guarantees. Just keep your eyes peeled and if you notice more than two reviews a week going up with any kind of regularity, you’ll know I have been successful. Of course, these hopeful words of “speeding things up” are all dependent on everything at home continuing as it has for a little while, so if things slip here and there that’s probably why.

As for where I think I’ll be next year in regards to my ongoing series: I’ll say that Arnold will be done (outside of a cameo or two, maybe), which will in turn further speed up the Jackie Chan reviews (which most likely won’t be done), as well as the neverending Full Moon and Shaw Brothers series. I will note that if I were able to get the Full Moon series back to once a week, I could likely be done by next year… but that’s not gonna happen.

I think that’s all I have to sort out this year, but I thought it might be fun to post a poll about these ongoing series that I’m spending so much time on, just to see if anyone actually cares. So… do you? 🙂 Select all answers that apply, and feel free to write in suggestions in the comments!


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