Status Update on Silver Emulsion


This is a quick note for those who frequent Silver Emulsion and might be wondering where all that shiny new content is that usually appears here at an alarming rate. Simply put: shit happens. Many things all came together over the last two weeks to make this lack of content possible. So thank God, Satan, the Universe, the Buddha, Mother Earth, Gaia, or whatever deity you believe or don’t believe in for finally quieting my diarrhea of the mouth about movies. Sincere apologies to anyone out there following one of my review series, but know that I am going to resurrect myself from this dead period and be back to posting as normal as soon as possible.

Last week saw a dip in my posts by half (and the two I did post were both written a couple weeks prior), and this week is shaping up to be one of complete unplanned hiatus. I do hope to back in some capacity next week, as I have a lot of interesting things on the table. Things like the latest film from Lloyd Kaufman and Troma (Return to Nukem High), my Blind Spot for this month (Scorsese’s debut film), and a huge stack of 2013 titles (The Grandmaster, 12 Years a Slave, Blue Jasmine, Escape Plan, Thor 2: The Revenge, etc. etc). I also have a book to review and a magazine to review, in addition to all those wonderful review series films I’m dying to get to. So yeah, things are coming. When? Sometime. Thanks for your patience.

To keep the fires stoked and warm while I’m not doing much of anything here, Stephen will have a review up on Wednesday as usual. So be nice and heap lots of traffic and comments on it when it drops.

Coming Soon: Sam Fuller’s Brainquake!

In 1993, director Sam Fuller published his final novel, Brainquake. But while the book was released in French and a few other languages, it was never released in English. Until now! Err — September! English speakers will finally be able to enjoy this “lost” novel from a true storytelling master, as this September Hard Case Crime and Titan Books will be publishing Brainquake in English for the first time ever! If that’s not enough to sell you, here’s the synopsis!

The bagmen who transport money for organized crime live by a set of rules: no personal relationships, no ties, no women…and never, ever look inside the bag you’re carrying. Paul Page was the perfect bagman, despite suffering from a rare brain disorder. But that ended the day he saw a beautiful Mob wife become a Mob widow. Now Paul is going to break every rule he’s lived by–even if it means he might be left holding the bag.

Still not enough? How ’bout the intro to the book, featured in A Third Face, Fuller’s memoir?

Sixty seconds before the baby shot its father, leaves fell lazily in Central Park. Sparrow-weight with bulging jugular, the balloon peddler’s face appeared coated in white ashes of cow dung used against flies, but the pallor was really from his anemia.

Sounds like a must-read book to me! Brainquake releases on September 9, 2014, and you can pre-order it now from Amazon (and presumably other major book retailers)! Below you’ll find the cover and a link to the Amazon pre-order page! Enjoy!


Introducing the Black Love Fest and Poetry Contest for Valentine’s Day!

Well, hello you Silver Emulsions! Welcome back to our Annual Valentine’s Day Love Fest. Will and I are pumped the hell up! We have been planning a Black Love Fest for quite some time. And now… drum roll please… Black Love Fest has arrived!

This Love Fest is an all-out sexy “Turn Up” (in my Kevin Hart voice) for Black Love. It was hard to narrow down the selections, but we finally whittled in down.

Starting today, and continuing over the next two weeks, we will review:

  • Love Jones
  • Love & Basketball
  • Something New
  • Brown Sugar
  • About Last Night (ALN)

Quick note: About Last Night was a part of our sexy ’80s Love Fest last year, except it was the original cast with James Belushi, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, and Elizabeth Perkins. This year’s remake features an all-black cast of Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Joy Bryant, and Regina Hall.

Many of you may wonder why we’re paying homage to black love this year. The most honest answer is that we just need to. As a woman of color myself, it has always been very exciting to see a trailer for a romantic comedy with a black cast. I grew up without many images of black-on-black love on-screen. One of the reasons we, the audience, watch movies are to see images of fantasy, and/or our own reality. I can’t wait until the time when a romantic comedy with an all-black cast is just a romantic comedy, but that time has not come. An authentic qualifier for a “Black Movie,” is a movie that mirrors or is similar to the experiences of black culture. That’s not to claim that all black experiences are the same. However, there is a universal knowledge and close kinship to an experience. I didn’t live the experience of Boyz n the Hood, but it was an experience through association because of my friends and family members.  It’s also these movies that expose us to a variety of black culture. In the past, most black films were about slavery, civil rights, and Blaxploitation. Those movies just show the struggle and hustle associated with being black. The films we are reviewing also show the trials and tribulations of falling in love, friendships, artistry in the black community, and the joys of sharing and experience. Before Cosby, many of us did not know of black doctors and lawyers. Black romantic comedies are often a continuation of what Bill Cosby started with the television series The Cosby Show and A Different World. The films introduce the audience to black, educated professionals, who share the same obstacles when trying to meet “the one.”

I am always excited when I see a new romantic comedy trailer. I have a tradition when a black film comes out. My closest sister/friend, Barbara, and I go and see the films together. It’s always a great girls’ night out. We can drool over the cast and discuss the plot at dinner afterwards. Black romantic comedies are not released enough. When a new film comes out, it gives us a chance to see some of our beloved actors, who are not “commercial” enough to be on sitcoms or mainstream movies. I encourage everyone to watch the films that we have chosen. They may have all-black casts, and may include cultural norms that you may not be familiar with, but they have the universal language of love and experience. And isn’t what we all want… some experience and some love?

Here are a few other noteworthy runner-up movies:

  • Think Like a Man (2012)
  • The Best Man (1997)
  • How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998)
  • Boomerang (1992)
  • Claudine (1974)


Like last year, we are having a contest!

This contest will require you to bring out your “inner nasty.” After reading my first review, “Jonesing For Some Of That,” you will notice a little surprise at the end of my review. You are to take the title of my surprise and create your own written word. There is no min or max word count. Just make Will and I pant. Use your imagination and let the title consume you. The person who gets the most comment replies with the word “ummm,” will win something you can use on your next romantic night out!

Blind Spot Series 2014


In 2013 I jumped on the Blind Spot bandwagon and had a grand time watching all kinds of movies that I had put off for years. I expected the experience to be a rewarding one, but it still surprised me how much I enjoyed doing the series. Even though a good portion of my reviews for this website are just me scratching titles off my neverending watchlist, the Blind Spot selections were special in that they were films that I definitely would have pushed off for later without the prodding of being on a list. So here I am at the end of the year, ready and willing for round 2! I can’t wait to get crackin’ on these titles, and I hope I enjoy them as much as I imagine I will.

The 12 films for 2014 will be:

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Series Updates


You may have noticed that from week to week I am often adjusting and tweaking how frequent I put out a review for the various review series I have running. Ideally, I’d like everything to be on a weekly schedule. At the moment this isn’t possible, mostly because I’ve taken on too many things at once and also because I’ve lazily handled the Sam Fuller series over nearly the entire life of this website. I should have been done with his films a very long time ago, but I have a hard time curbing my inherent desires to hoard and store the things I truly love. I love Sam Fuller’s films immensely, so I am hesitant to watch them all because I don’t like the idea of there not being a “new” Fuller film to watch. This goes for many of my other favorite filmmakers too. I realize the futility of this kind of thinking, but it’s a hard habit to break. I started the series as a “I’ll do one whenever I feel like watching a Sam Fuller movie” kind of series, which ended up being very intermittent and haphazard. For instance, in 2012 I only had two Fuller reviews go up, a ridiculous number.

My most recent plan was to do new Fuller reviews every two weeks. If my previous pace was that of a snail, then this would surely count as lightspeed. But it seems that lightspeed is not fast enough. Even at a bi-weekly pace, it’d still be 2014 before I finished the series. So I’m going into some kind of warp speed, moving the series to a weekly frequency so that I can finish it before my annual Horrific October event.

I have also decided to review the works that Sam Fuller was only a screenwriter on. There’s a few of these readily available via the Sam Fuller box set that came out a few years back, so I’ll definitely hit those and maybe I can track down some of the others. I plan to do these starting in November, as an epilogue of sorts to the series proper. I feel like I might be unduly biased against them if I see them too close to Fuller’s directorial works, and I want them to be able to stand on their own (even if they are studio re-written, watered-down, bastardized versions of Sam Fuller’s original stories :)).

And for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and that means that I must place the Full Moon series on an extended, intermittent hiatus until October. It was a hard decision to make because I love doing that series, and I often find that I enjoy the Full Moon reviews better than a lot of my other ones. Simply put, these films make me laugh, so I’m sorry that I have to put them aside for a bit. This also means that this series will take even longer. Oh well, but I do think it’s for the best. Also, I say “intermittent” because I hope to be able to squeeze in a Full Moon movie or two before October. No promises, though.

Doing this could also mean that I would be able to do weekly Arnold reviews (they’re bi-weekly currently), but I haven’t decided if I want to do that or flip-flop every other week with Jackie Chan films. As it stands now, I’m doing the JC stuff as I find extra time, which isn’t all that often (which, in turn, makes me sad). I could also flip-flop Arnolds with Full Moon films, or even do a three-week flip-flop (or would that be a flip-flop-flip?) between all three. If anyone cares or has a preference, let me know and I’ll take your thoughts into consideration.

Finishing the Sam Fuller series will be a major milestone for me, as it will be the first major series that I will have completed. This will make room for the other series to then finish up quicker, which will inevitably lead to more series. I like series, what can I say?

And speaking of more series, whenever I’m ready to tackle another director’s filmography, I plan to post a poll asking everyone whose films they’d like to see reviewed here. But I probably shouldn’t even mention that right now, and besides I still have the rest of the Peter Jackson films to finish before The Hobbit 2: Dark Territory hits theaters in December (but that shouldn’t be a problem).

Sorry for such a confessional mess of a post, but I thought it’d be better to put this out there instead of just changing things around and leaving people to wonder where their trashy, low-budget review of the week went. :) To make you feel better, here’s a Nic Cage cat! For the Dreamcast fans out there, doesn’t this remind you of Seaman?


The Other Indian Superman Films


From Return of Mr. Superman (1960)

Before embarking on this Superman review series, I didn’t know there were even two Indian Superman films, let alone four! I was aware of the 1987 Bollywood version, and I had a sneaking suspicion that there were more knock-off versions somewhere else in the world, but it seems that India has something of a love for the Man of Steel.

The first film version was a 1960 film simply titled Superman, much like the later ’80s films. This version was directed by Mohammed Hussain (for those keeping score), and it starred Paidi Jairaj as both Supes and his Clark Kent alter-ego. I imagine he’s not called Clark Kent in this film, but info is real scarce on this film, so who knows.

There is a bit more info on the other 1960 Superman film out of India. Wha??? Yeah, in 1960 India produced two Superman films! The second film was originally to be titled Superman as well, but thanks to the other Superman film, the filmmakers of this version were forced to re-title their film. Somehow they arrived at Return of Mr. Superman, but the story of how they came to that is most likely lost to the sands of time. From what I found, it sounds like this film does adhere to many of the Superman hallmarks such as Superman crash-landing on a farm as a boy and being raised by surrogate parents, a journalist alter-ego, a Lois Lane type love interest, etc. Superman was once again portrayed by Paidi Jairaj in this film.

Continue reading The Other Indian Superman Films →

A Quick Update

Hey all, just wanted to drop a note here that things will be a little slower around here for this week, and probably the next couple of weeks too, depending on how my free time goes. And by “slower” I mean instead of seven posts a week, there will be something like three or five.

So basically:

  • Once again, there will not be a Full Moon review this week, but there probably will be next week. Hopefully at that point I will be able to resume weekly posts for the series (because I know how much everyone is just chomping at the bit for them :)).
  • There will also not be a Shaw Brothers post this week, but there will definitely be one next week. Weekly posts should resume after that as well.
  • I don’t have a clue when I’ll be able to fit in another Jackie or Arnold film, but it might be after the Superman stuff is over. Which brings me to…
  • The Superman reviews will be continuing without hiccups.
  • Sam Fuller reviews should start rolling in again as well. Again, probably after Superman is over.
  • I can’t think of anything else, but if you have any questions, concerns or words of encouragement, feel free to leave them below. They are all much appreciated.

OK laterz.

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