A Few Thoughts on Doctor Who: Season 1 (1963/1964)

doctorwho_1I finished the first season of Doctor Who the other day, and while I knew I’d be a fan after just one episode, now my love for the show is firmly entrenched. It’s a unique take on the sci-fi TV show, specifically because it’s more focused on serial-style adventure thrills than truly thought-provoking science fiction (although there is a bit of that, too). I love how the show’s basic premise allows the writers to dream up literally ANYTHING and it’s a plausible setting for the next story. This lends the show an unpredictable nature that makes it really special.

But while it is unpredictable in that regard, the stories themselves do become rather predictable after you’ve seen a few. There’s always some contrived reason why the group can’t just jump in the Tardis and leave danger behind, and over the course of the story it’s not wrong to expect at least one member of the group to get kidnapped (and subsequently rescued). These can easily be seen as faults or examples of lazy writing, but in a weird way these obvious plot points endeared themselves to me over time and I found myself looking forward to seeing how the show would deliver the goods each time.

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Guest Podcast at Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights


I recently participated in a podcast hosted by Bubbawheat at Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights in which we compare and contrast superheroes in anime with their American cousins. I even manage to remain civil when Bubbawheat brings up that blight upon the anime world, DBZ! I feel like we barely scratched the surface, but a good time was had by all. And if you have any interest in anime or superheroes, you’ll probably have a good time listening in as well. If nothing else, you’ll finally get to hear my real voice, which has absolutely not in any way been digitally altered to conceal my true identity. The show is called Filmwhys, and the episode is Extra #12 Anime Superheroes!

So head on over here to check it out!

The show is also readily available via iTunes, Stitcher, or PodOmatic! Take a listen and let us know what you think!

Another Update for Silver Emulsion


If you’re a regular visitor to this site, I’m sure you noticed that June was rather light on content. As I mentioned a few months back, I’m afraid this sort of thing is going to become more of the norm than the… abnorm. I’ve always kind of danced around the why of it all, but I think it’ll all make more sense if I just come out with it. My day job is as a caregiver for my girlfriend of 10 years who is afflicted with debilitating multiple sclerosis. As you might imagine, this takes up a fair amount of time and energy.

While I often get an hour-long block here or there to play a video game or watch something, recently I am rarely finding the solid 2–3 hour chunks required to watch a movie, plus another hour or so to write about it afterwards. When time was an issue before, I sometimes used to resort to watching a movie in chunks to keep the site going, but as of last month or so, I decided that I should no longer do this for films I’m trying to review. Not only is it not fair to the film, it makes it a much more stressful situation for me as a reviewer. After I’ve watched the first hour of a movie, there is a time crunch to watch the second half before I forget everything and have to start the damn thing over again (which has happened numerous times). My stress levels were much too high about something as fun and “relaxing” as watching movies, so this is why I decided to not do that anymore.

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Guest Post @ Flights, Tights and Movie Nights!


Things are going to be rather slow around Silver Emulsion this week, but I did get one piece of writing done this weekend: a defense of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace for its inclusion in the 100 Essential Superhero Movies list that Bubbawheat at Flights, Tights and Movie Nights is putting together! In it I try my best to explain why Superman IV is a worthy entry in the series, and for some reason I chose to try the high road approach instead of simply describing all the B-Movie joys that the film provides. Check it out here! And don’t forget to throw the film a vote if you think I did a good job selling you on why Superman IV is a worthwhile inclusion in the 100 Essential Superhero Movies list!

Year 4… Engage!

se_4thanniversaryTime flies when you’re distracting yourself from life’s constant struggles! Here I am again, staring at the calendar and realizing that yet another year has passed and I’m still writing reviews. I started way back on April 12, 2010! Hard to believe.

April 2013–April 2014 brought many great movies, but I’m too lazy to look through the reviews and see exactly what they were. :) I did run through all the Superman movies, as well as Peter Jackson’s filmography. There were a couple of cool milestones the site hit during this year also, most notably breaking the 1000 post barrier and Stephen reaching 100 reviews (with this week’s look at Birth)! So let’s dream big! 2000 posts total and 200 reviews from Stephen next year!

It’s my anniversary tradition to write about what I hope to do in the coming year, as well as check in on last year’s predictions and see just how far out in left field I was. I remember thinking I would be done with the Full Moon series two years ago, and yet still in 2014 there’s quite a bit more to go. Hahahaha. Woody Allen once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans,” but at this stage of the game my plans don’t get that far. I plan and I laugh, because I almost instantly see through my own bullshit. In any case, here’s another load of false promises and ideas of what Year 4 at Silver Emulsion might be like!

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Status Update on Silver Emulsion


This is a quick note for those who frequent Silver Emulsion and might be wondering where all that shiny new content is that usually appears here at an alarming rate. Simply put: shit happens. Many things all came together over the last two weeks to make this lack of content possible. So thank God, Satan, the Universe, the Buddha, Mother Earth, Gaia, or whatever deity you believe or don’t believe in for finally quieting my diarrhea of the mouth about movies. Sincere apologies to anyone out there following one of my review series, but know that I am going to resurrect myself from this dead period and be back to posting as normal as soon as possible.

Last week saw a dip in my posts by half (and the two I did post were both written a couple weeks prior), and this week is shaping up to be one of complete unplanned hiatus. I do hope to back in some capacity next week, as I have a lot of interesting things on the table. Things like the latest film from Lloyd Kaufman and Troma (Return to Nukem High), my Blind Spot for this month (Scorsese’s debut film), and a huge stack of 2013 titles (The Grandmaster, 12 Years a Slave, Blue Jasmine, Escape Plan, Thor 2: The Revenge, etc. etc). I also have a book to review and a magazine to review, in addition to all those wonderful review series films I’m dying to get to. So yeah, things are coming. When? Sometime. Thanks for your patience.

To keep the fires stoked and warm while I’m not doing much of anything here, Stephen will have a review up on Wednesday as usual. So be nice and heap lots of traffic and comments on it when it drops.

Coming Soon: Sam Fuller’s Brainquake!

In 1993, director Sam Fuller published his final novel, Brainquake. But while the book was released in French and a few other languages, it was never released in English. Until now! Err — September! English speakers will finally be able to enjoy this “lost” novel from a true storytelling master, as this September Hard Case Crime and Titan Books will be publishing Brainquake in English for the first time ever! If that’s not enough to sell you, here’s the synopsis!

The bagmen who transport money for organized crime live by a set of rules: no personal relationships, no ties, no women…and never, ever look inside the bag you’re carrying. Paul Page was the perfect bagman, despite suffering from a rare brain disorder. But that ended the day he saw a beautiful Mob wife become a Mob widow. Now Paul is going to break every rule he’s lived by–even if it means he might be left holding the bag.

Still not enough? How ’bout the intro to the book, featured in A Third Face, Fuller’s memoir?

Sixty seconds before the baby shot its father, leaves fell lazily in Central Park. Sparrow-weight with bulging jugular, the balloon peddler’s face appeared coated in white ashes of cow dung used against flies, but the pallor was really from his anemia.

Sounds like a must-read book to me! Brainquake releases on September 9, 2014, and you can pre-order it now from Amazon (and presumably other major book retailers)! Below you’ll find the cover and a link to the Amazon pre-order page! Enjoy!


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